Balance and Falls Prevention

Falls are a major health issue in the community with around 30% of adults over 65 experiencing at least 1 fall per year. Falls are one of the most common reasons for a person over 65 to need admission to hospital (38% require admission) most often due to hip fractures or head injuries. Falls cause more deaths in Australia than motor vehicle accidents.

As we age, our strength, balance and reflexes decline making us more likely to fall. These factors can all be improved at any age. Specific exercises have been proven to be effective in reducing your risk of falls.

At Belrose Physiotherapy we are passionate about keeping you on your feet and enjoying a healthier, more active life. We can do simple tests to determine your risk of falling, and assess what factors need to be worked on to improve this risk. We can design a program that takes into account your physical abilities, any aches and pains, and specific needs. We can also advise on other ways to fall-proof yourself (e.g.decluttering rooms and appropriate footwear) and what to do if you do fall.