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Dynamic Stability Classes 

Our Dynamic Stability classes are run by fully qualified Physiotherapists who have further training in Clinical Pilates and exercise prescription. They are semi private group classes (maximum of 4 per class) which ensures individualised instruction. Private one-on-one  classes are also available. 

Our classes encorporate the use of Pilates reformers, resistance bands, hand weights, stability balls , gym balls and Pilates rings. 

They are a full-body exercise program that is designed to improve core strength, endurance and flexibility, whilst encouraging  the development of proper body alignment, better mental concentration and co-ordinated breathing. Classes are ideal for anyone recovering from an injury or musculoskeletal condition, as they are  low impact and readily customised and progressed to suit each individual. 

A thorough assesment is undertaken prior to commencement. This gives us an understanding of your specific needs and ensures you are aware of how to activate your core and are familiar with using the equiptment before you join a class. Reassesments are conducted at regular intervals to monitor progress and ensure you are obtaining the maximum benefit  

All our classes are eligible for a rebate through your Private health insurance if you have appropriate Physiotherapy cover. 

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